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Monday, February 9, 2015

NEWS FOR 2/9/2015 Monday February 9th 2015



There are many documented false flag attacks, where a government carries out a terror attack … and then falsely blames its enemy for political purposes.

In the following 42 instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admits to it, either orally or in writing:

(Washingtons blog, feb 9th)

Old people auctioned off to care homes on the internet: Anger over 'cattle markets for grannies' as councils accept lowest bids to save cash

he elderly and disabled are being ‘put up for auction’ by local councils on ‘eBay-style’ websites, with care firms then bidding to offer them a bed.

At least a dozen local authorities are listing vulnerable people’s details – including their age and what care and medication they need – before inviting bids from care homes in the area.

The bidding is sometimes open for only a few hours, at other times it can last for two or three days. The cheapest offer often wins.

(Daily mail, feb 9th)

A massive leak of documents from HSBC’s Swiss banking arm has revealed an array of sketchy dealings with wealthy individuals, including dictators and arms traffickers, through which the bank helped unsavory characters dodge taxes and avoid government scrutiny.

Among the unsavory characters exposed in the leak are a number of prominent donors to the Clinton Foundation. For example, the leaked documents detailed a five million Swiss franc cash transaction to British business mogul Richard Caring

(free beacon, feb 9th)

 An 11th grade U.S. Government and Politics student believes only a fascist would make the statement: “We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money.”

But the Nathan Hale High School student – who answered that on a quiz – found out he was “wrong.”

According to the quiz, it’s a conservative who believes that.

“When I picked my son up from school, he asked me what political party did I think thought ‘We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money,'” the student’s mother, Heather Bronnson, tells EAGnews.

“I answered none, and a discussion took place,” she says.

“He answered ‘E’ which stood for Facism because he couldn’t imagine conservatives or liberals saying such a thing,” according to the mother.

Bronnson tells EAGnews she was “shocked” and “extremely angry” and it bothered her son “a lot.”

“If a 16-year-old believes that a Republican or conservative doesn’t believe in helping the poor, they may view themselves as liberals at a young age … and incorrectly,” she says.

political spectrum quizThe student, whom the mother did not want identified, actually got several of the answers marked wrong by the teacher.

(EAG news, feb 9th)

Car Hacked on 60 minutes: "they were able to take control of many of the car's functions, including the braking and acceleration."

One of the vulnerabilities Kaufman and DARPA are working to eliminate that affects many is in the automobile. Cars today are loaded with computers networked to each other, and those can be hacked remotely. In a dramatic demonstration, he and his colleagues use a laptop computer to hack into a car being driven by Stahl. Much to her surprise, they were able to take control of many of the car's functions, including the braking and acceleration.

DARPA is working to invent "unhackable software" for small devices, which could solve security problems for many Internet of Things devices. The military got interested in this project in an attempt to secure its drones. Kaufman tells Stahl that cyberattack attempts on the U.S. military occur "every day" and that "the number of attacks is dramatically increasing. The sophistication of the attacks is increasing." He emphasizes his job is to get ahead of the trend. Kaufman showed Stahl a prototype of a program his department is developing to pinpoint and isolate any breached or compromised computer on the military network. "And before, it'd be completely invisible to us 'cause you're hiding among tens of thousands of computers around the world. Now you and I can see [it] very quickly." And, he added, "from here I could say, 'Let's shut that computer down. Let's quarantine that computer off.'"

(CBS, feb 9th)

Former Taliban commander Abdul Rauf, who recently pledged loyalty to the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), was killed by a drone strike in Afghanistan.

Rauf spent six years in the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after he was captured by American forces in 2001.

Afghanistan’s intelligence agency confirmed Rauf’s death, acknowledging ISIS’ presence in the country for the first time.

“Today at 1:28 p.m. [3.58 a.m. ET] in a successful operation, Abdul Rauf also known as ‘Khadim’ was killed along with his five companions in Sadat village of Kajaki district of Helmand province,” the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Afghanistan said in a written statement, NBC News reports. “He was the commander of [ISIS] in southern Afghanistan.”

Afghan sources, including a senior Afghan army commander and a provincial governor, told The Associated Press last month that the former Guantanamo detainee was recruiting fighters for ISIS in Helmand province, which is located in southern Afghanistan along the Pakistan border.

(breitbart, feb 9th)

UKRAINE CRISIS_______________


VIDEOS: A powerful explosion has occurred at a chemical factory in the city of Donetsk in southeastern Ukraine as a result of artillery shelling by Kiev forces, Ukrainian officials have informed on their social network accounts.

(Sputnik, feb 9th)

Faced with increasing pressure by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and other members of Congress to take a more active role in the conflict in Ukraine, Lamberto Zannier, secretary-general of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said he is worried U.S. lethal aid will exacerbate the conflict.

“It may even lead down the line to more direct intervention of Russia in this conflict… Our objective remains that of de-escalating, so I think really the effort should continue to focus on that,” Zannier said at the Munich Security Conference.

“This carries a risk with it, and the risk is that this will strengthen a narrative we are seeing already appear on the side of the separatists, that they are fighting a war against Nato and against the west,” Zannier told the Guardian during an interview in Munich.

“And if armaments appear from those countries on the Ukrainian side, that will strengthen that narrative and might even push the Russians to take a more direct role in the conflict, because it might push Russia to see itself somehow threatened.”

(Infowars, feb 9th)

Pro-independence fighters in eastern Ukraine say they have intercepted conversations between international mercenaries in Debaltseve speaking in four different languages – English, Polish, French and some Flemish.

Pro-independence fighters say there might be some foreign mercenaries among the pro-Ukrainian combatants who have been encircled near the city of Debaltseve between Donetsk and Luhansk.

“We have intercepted the talks in four different languages,” Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) deputy of defense Edward Basurin told the journalists on Monday. “Those are English, Polish, French and some Flemish.”

(Sputnik, feb 9th)

 Kremlin: Don't Issue Ultimatums To Putin

The words come as the EU suspends new sanctions - including visa bans and asset freezes - to give peace efforts a chance.

Vladimir Putin will not be spoken to in the language of ultimatums, a Russian radio station has quoted the Kremlin as saying.

Reports suggest German Chancellor Angela Merkel had given him until Wednesday to agree a peace plan over Ukraine or face new sanctions.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Govorit Moskva radio: "Nobody has ever talked to the president in the tone of an ultimatum - and could not do so even if they wanted to."

The warning came as Mrs Merkel met US President Barack Obama to discuss the peace initiative, while the White House considers supplying weapons to Kiev.

(sky news, feb 9th)

U.S. AND WORLD ECONOMY______________

A Day Of Reckoning For The Euro Has Arrived – 26 TRILLION In Currency Derivatives At Risk

This is the month when the future of the eurozone will be decided

This week, Greek leaders will meet with European officials to discuss what comes next for Greece.  The new prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, has already stated that he will not accept an extension of the current bailout.  Officials from other eurozone countries have already said that they expect Greece to fully honor the terms of the current agreement.  So basically we are watching a giant game of financial “chicken” play out over in Europe, and a showdown is looming.  Adding to the drama is the fact that the Greek government is rapidly running out of money.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Greece is “on course to run out of money within weeks if it doesn’t gain access to additional funds, effectively daring Germany and its other European creditors to let it fail and stumble out of the euro.”  We have witnessed other moments of crisis for Greece before, but things are very different this time because the new Greek government is being run by radical leftists that based their entire campaign on ending the austerity that has been imposed on Greece by the rest of Europe.  If they buckle under the demands of the European financial lords, their credibility will be gone and Syriza will essentially be finished in Greek politics.  But if they don’t compromise, Greece could be forced to leave the eurozone and we could potentially be facing the equivalent of “financial armageddon” in Europe.  If nobody flinches, the eurozone will fall to pieces, the euro will collapse and trillions upon trillions of dollars in derivatives will be in jeopardy.

According to the Bank for International Settlements, 26.45 trillion dollars in currency derivatives are directly tied to the value of the euro.

Let that number sink in for a moment.

To give you some perspective, keep in mind that the U.S. government spends a total of less than 4 trillion dollars a year.

The entire U.S. national debt is just a bit above 18 trillion dollars.

So 26 trillion dollars is an amount of money that is almost unimaginable.  And of course those are just the derivatives that are directly tied to the euro.  Overall, the total global derivatives bubble is more than 700 trillion dollars in size.

(Economic collapse blog, feb 9th)

The time for the final all-in bet has arrived.

As we explained yesterday, when we wrote that “Greece Gambles On “Catastrophic Armageddon” For Europe, Warns It “Only Has Weeks Of Cash Left“”, and as confirmed further by today’s fire and brimstone speech by Greek PM Tsipras, in which he not only did not concede one millimeter to Europe but raised the stakes even higher, by promising among other things to raise the minimum wage and to halt foreclosures, Greece is now betting everythingthat Europe will not allow it to exit, hoping that “this time is not different”, and the existential terror that would be heaped on the Eurozone as forecast in 2012 by the likes of Citi’s Buiter and IIF’s Charles Dallara, will still take place, and Europe will concede that spending a few more billion on Greece’s bridge program is worth to avoid what could potentially spiral into an out of control collapse.

To be sure, that is precisely what Yanis Vaourfakis implied today when he said that “if Greece is forced out of the euro zone, other countries will inevitably follow and the currency bloc will collapse, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said on Sunday, in comments which drew a rebuke from Italy.”

(zero hedge, feb 9th)

Raising the minimum wage has become the cause célèbre for many on the progressive left.

Most notably, Seattle has passed a $15 per hour minimum wage. In addition, California lawmakers are trying to pass a state-wide $13 per hour minimum wage and President Obama is supporting the increase of the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10.

The general public has generally been pretty ignorant regarding economics, so it’s understandable that many would fall for hollow populist appeals. However, a series of new studies on the minimum wage purport to show a low or non-existent impact on unemployment. Seventy-five notable economists even signed a petition to President Obama to raise the minimum wage.

This would seem at odds with basic economic theory. After all, demand curves are downward sloping, aren’t they? At some point, an increase in the minimum wage has got to cost jobs. If the minimum wage was increased to $100 per hour, obviously that would cost a lot of jobs. No one would disagree with this. So in that case, why wouldn’t increasing it to $10.10 per hour cost some jobs, right?

(, feb 9th)

‘Peasants With Pitchforks’ Seen If Profits Get Any Fatter

Rob Arnott, chief executive and co-founder of Research Affiliates LLC, recently picked up the phone to share some thoughts on the current state of the stock market.

(bloomberg, feb 9th)

The recent surge in oil prices is just a "head-fake," and oil as cheap as $20 a barrel may soon be on the way, Citigroup said in a report on Monday as it lowered its forecast for crude.

Despite global declines in spending that have driven up oil prices in recent weeks, oil production in the U.S. is still rising, wrote Edward Morse, Citigroup's global head of commodity research. Brazil and Russia are pumping oil at record levels, and Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran have been fighting to maintain their market share by cutting prices to Asia. The market is oversupplied, and storage tanks are topping out.

A pullback in production isn't likely until the third quarter, Morse said. In the meantime, West Texas Intermediate Crude, which currently trades at around $52 a barrel, could fall to the $20 range "for a while," according to the report. The U.S. shale-oil revolution has broken OPEC's ability to manipulate prices and maximize profits for oil-producing countries.

"It looks exceedingly unlikely for OPEC to return to its old way of doing business," Morse wrote. "While many analysts have seen in past market crises 'the end of OPEC,' this time around might well be different," Morse said.

(bloomberg, feb 9th)

1,700 RadioShack stores closing soon, some liquidating stock at 50% off. Locations in California, Washington, Idaho, Ohio, and even Puerto Rico affected.

In a new court filing Monday, RadioShack has formally announced the 1,784 stores that it will be closing between now and the end of March 2015.

The company, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this month, did not respond to Ars’ inquiry as to why these particular stores were selected.

(ARS technica, feb 9th)

POLICE STATE___________________

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is calling for demilitarization of America’s local police forces in the wake of the heavily armed response to the protests in Ferguson, Mo.

Paul, who is laying the groundwork for a presidential run, wrote in an Op-Ed published Thursday in Time that the Ferguson response looks more like war than a police action.

“Washington has incentivized the militarization of local police precincts by using federal dollars to help municipal governments build what are essentially small armies—where police departments compete to acquire military gear that goes far beyond what most of Americans think of as law enforcement.”

He cited a Heritage Foundation report on federal anti-terrorism grants buying armored vehicles, armor, and heavy weapons for local cops.

“When you couple this militarization of law enforcement with an erosion of civil liberties and due process that allows the police to become judge and jury—national security letters, no-knock searches, broad general warrants, pre-conviction forfeiture—we begin to have a very serious problem on our hands,” Paul wrote.

(McClatchy, feb 9th)

Lawsuits call Ferguson jails debtors’ prisons

Federal class-action lawsuits filed Sunday against Ferguson allege that jails there operate as modern-day debtors’ prisons.

The suits were filed in U.S. District Court in St. Louis on behalf of 15 plaintiffs — referred to as “impoverished people” — who were jailed because they could not pay fines for traffic violations and other minor offenses.

“They were threatened, abused and left to languish in confinement at the mercy of local officials until their frightened family members could produce enough cash to buy their freedom or until city jail officials decided, days or weeks later, to let them out for free,” the complaint states.

The suits were filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by the non-profit legal organization Equal Justice Under Law, based in Washington, and the ArchCity Defenders, a local non-profit group; and by St. Louis University School of Law.

“We are seeking an injunction against the Jennings and Ferguson courts in order to stop them from consistently violating peoples’ rights and locking them in jail as a result of their inability to pay,” lawyer Thomas Harvey, executive director of ArchCity Defenders, said Sunday night.

(STL today, feb 9th)

A 37-year-old woman has died after deputies in northern Virginia used a Taser stun gun on her while she was in police custody.

Fairfax County inmate Natasha McKenna of Alexandria was taken off life support Sunday and passed away, five days after she was stunned at the Fairfax County jail, according to the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office says McKenna was being transported from the Fairfax County jail to the Alexandria city jail on Feb. 3 when she failed to comply with deputies’ commands and resisted them. A deputy then used a Taser to restrain her, sheriff’s Lt. Steve Elbert said Monday.

After being stunned, Elbert said a medic checked on and cleared McKenna, and that she was then moved to another area of the jail, where she began experiencing a medical emergency.

(CBS washington, feb 9th)

Lawsuit: Cops Put Bag On Woman’s Head, Strap Her To Chair And Choke Her To Draw Blood For DUI Test

"Officers used choke hold pressure points on her neck, until her body went limp"

A woman is suing a host of parties after it emerged that cops in Austin, Texas, forcably took her blood for a DUI test, in a scene that sounds more like something that would occur at a Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

Caroline Callaway was arrested by a police officer after she refused to take a breath test during a routine traffic stop. Ms Callaway was taken directly to the Travis County jail where the shocking events unfolded.

Callaway’s attorney told reporters with Courthouse News that despite only “passive and verbal resistance” she was taken “to a small padded room, where she was surrounded by officers and strapped into ‘the chair,’ with her legs, wrists and shoulders restrained.”

(Infowars, feb 9th)

A county court in North Carolina has moved to dismiss charges against a man arrested two years ago for drinking iced tea.

Back in April 2013, former Army Staff Sergeant turned rapper Christopher Beatty, AKA Xstrav, was filmed waiting for a friend outside of the Cumberland County ABC Liquor Store in Fayetteville, when a plainclothes officer walked up to him demanding to know what he was drinking.

The man, only verbally identifying himself as “police,” approached Beatty, who held out his drink at arm’s length, allowing the officer to read the label.

The officer grew irate after Beatty refused to allow him to hold the drink and asked him to leave the property for trespassing, despite Beatty attempting to explain he was there to make a future purchase.

The security officer, whom it later emerged worked with the Cumberland County Alcoholic Beverage Commission, next wrestled Beatty to the ground and handcuffed him.

Beatty was subsequently arrested and charged with trespassing and resisting a public officer.

Last week Cumberland County District Court Judge Lou Olivera ruled the arrest unconstitutional, saying that the officer lacked reasonable suspicion, holding that all “fruit of the poisonous tree” evidence derived from the arrest was thereby inadmissible.

Assistant District Attorney Charles Scott said he disagreed with the decision, alleging it was a result of the current atmosphere of “anti-police sentiment.”

“It’s (a reflection of) what’s going on in many parts of the country,” Scott said. “If you arrest or attempt to arrest people, there appears to be great anti-police sentiment in certain quarters.”

The officer that arrested the man, Rick Libero, testified he “had reason to believe that it may (contain) alcohol” because of the way Beatty held the can.

Beatty’s attorney, Allen Rogers, countered by saying his client had no previous criminal history, and that he had held the can close enough for Libero to have caught the scent of alcohol. Additionally, Beatty’s speech did not appear to be slurred.

(Infowars, feb 9th)

Louisville Cop Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Two Children; Previously Commended for His Work With Youth

Cop had multiple commendations for working with youth. Psychologist says she was kicked out of clinical program after reporting kids's allegations against him.

Jonathan Hardin, a police officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), was arrested and suspended without pay, charged with assault, wanton endangerment, official misconduct, and false swearing, stemming from his alleged beating two students at the Olmsted Academy North, an all-boy public middle school (the only one in Kentucky) at which Hardin worked.

(Reason, feb 9th)


A new decree that went into effect today allows the French government to block websites accused of promoting terrorism and publishing child pornography, without seeking a court order. Under the new rules, published last week by France’s Ministry of the Interior, internet service providers (ISPs) must take down offending websites within 24 hours of receiving a government order. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says the decree is critical to combatting terrorism, but civil rights groups say it gives the government dangerously broad powers to suppress free speech.

(the verge, feb 9th)

Plans to transfer control of Internet overseer ICANN from US hands to a globally representative body could be jeopardized unless a deal is reached before the 2016 US elections, the group’s chief warned Monday.

Fadi Chehade, chief executive of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, said opponents of the new oversight system may be deliberately trying to delay the transition set for September 30.

“ICANN has been waiting for this political window to open for 16 years,” Chehade told AFP as the group began a four-day meeting in Singapore.

“We don’t know what factors could affect the political window,” he said, adding however that “we do know that in 2016 there is a heavy political process in the United States”.

“Therefore the oxygen that is available to certain items may be very easily consumed by the electoral process.”

(, feb 9th)

Speech the British government considers hateful should be outlawed and subjected to ASBOs, or Anti-Social Behavior Orders on Conviction, according to members of the British Parliament.

MPs have called on the “Crown Prosecution Service to examine whether prevention orders similar to those which can be used to restrict sex offenders’ online access could be applied to hate crimes,” the Daily Mail reports.

If convicted of committing a hate speech crime by the government, “determined” perpetrators could be blocked from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The All Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into anti-Semitism has added its weight to the call to sensor speech on the internet.

The government committee said the search terms “Hitler” and “Holocaust” were among the top 35 key words used on Twitter last summer during the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo recently admitted they “suck” at excluding speech governments consider unacceptable and racist.

In a memo, Costolo said Twitter will redouble its effort to “start kicking these people off right and left.” He said Twitter will make “sure that when they issue their ridiculous attacks, nobody hears them.”

In addition to censoring people the government considers racist or as perpetrators of hate speech, the report issued by the MPs calls for additional public funds to be used to cover the costs of security at synagogues.

The report also calls for “new guidance for teachers on handling the Middle East conflict in the classroom.”

“Britain is proud to be a multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy. It is something we have built over generations and which generations have given their lives to defend. We will not weaken our resolve now but instead redouble our efforts to stand up and defend the values we believe in,” David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, said after the report was released.

“This report has a vital role to play. There can be no excuses. No disagreements over foreign policy or politics can ever be allowed to justify antisemitism or any other form of racism, prejudice or extremism.

“While I am Prime Minister I promise we will fight antisemitism with everything we have got. Together we will make sure Britain remains a country that Jewish people are proud to call home – today, tomorrow and for every generation to come.”

(Infowars, feb 9th)

As I have discussed on many occasions, Verizon can’t seem to make up their mind about whether to publicly bash or praise Title II classification. In the last few weeks, Verizon’s CFO has publicly stated how little Title II classification would hurt any future investment. After his comments got national attention, the CFO claimed that his words were really taken out of context and that Title II would in fact hurt future investment.

In reality, the truth isn’t hard to figure out. Verizon privately loves Title II classification as it saves them billions in tax credits and subsidies. But Verizon hates Title II classification publicly as it would give the FCC the power to punish carriers who put forward plans that are completely anti-consumer and based on monopolistic power.

But, this recent story about Verizon and net neutrality is truly ridiculous. [CONTINUED IN ARTICLE]

(Android authority, feb 9th)


If I were still a practicing ob-gyn and one of my patients said she was not going to vaccinate her child, I might try to persuade her to change her mind. But, if I were unsuccessful, I would respect her decision. I certainly would not lobby the government to pass a law mandating that children be vaccinated even if the children’s parents object. Sadly, the recent panic over the outbreak of measles has led many Americans, including some self-styled libertarians, to call for giving government new powers to force all children to be vaccinated.

Those who are willing to make an “exception” to the principle that parents should make health care decisions for their children should ask themselves when in history has a “limited” infringement on individual liberty stayed limited. By ceding the principle that individuals have the right to make their own health care decisions, supporters of mandatory vaccines are opening the door for future infringements on health freedom.

If government can mandate that children receive vaccines, then why shouldn’t the government mandate that adults receive certain types of vaccines? And if it is the law that individuals must be vaccinated, then why shouldn’t police officers be empowered to physically force resisters to receive a vaccine? If the fear of infections from the unvaccinated justifies mandatory vaccine laws, then why shouldn’t police offices fine or arrest people who don’t wash their hands or cover their noses or mouths when they cough or sneeze in public? Why not force people to eat right and take vitamins in order to lower their risk of contracting an infectious disease? These proposals may seem outlandish, but they are no different in principle from the proposal that government force children to be vaccinated.

(Ron Paul, Infowars, feb 9th)

National media wages psychological terror campaign against Americans to set stage for government destruction of medical choice

A relatively small measles outbreak is now being whipped up with another media scare campaign; this time blaming "anti-vaxxers" and equating them with terrorists. Just as with 9/11, the media completely ignore actual facts and are wholly opposed to any real investigation of things like mercury in flu shots, faked vaccine science and the CDC whistleblower's admission of the vaccine-autism cover-up.

All real facts are thrown out the window, replaced by a media jihad against America which goes to great lengths to outright lie as often as possible. For example, knowingly misrepresents the medical freedom stance of Rand Paul, claiming Paul is opposed to vaccinations when, in reality, Paul supports vaccine choice.

Rand Paul, in other words, still believes in the principles of liberty for America. He believes the government does not own your body and cannot force you to be injected with the toxic chemicals intentionally added to vaccines. Sure, Rand Paul tweeted a photo of himself getting a booster shot just to demonstrate he's still pro vaccine, but I'm willing to bet he was actually injected with nothing more than a sterile diluent, not the actual vaccine powder itself which is where all the toxic heavy metals and chemicals are found. But that's just conjecture on my part. The point is that Rand Paul is a vaccine supporter, yet the media intentionally distorts his position to try to paint him as an anti-vaxxer for the simple reason that he believes in medical freedom.

This is how dishonest the national media has become on this issue: They will knowingly lie in order to push an agenda.

(Natural news, feb 7th)

"The measurable presence of THC in a person's system doesn't correlate with impairment in the same way that blood alcohol concentration does"

A new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that drivers who use marijuana are at a significantly lower risk for a crash than drivers who use alcohol. And after adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, drivers who tested positive for marijuana  were no more likely to crash than who had not used any drugs or alcohol prior to driving.

(washington post, feb 9th)

Liberals Bash Anna Dugger for Noting How Abortion Has Killed 16 Million Black Babies

Lefitsts outraged to hear facts on abortion genocide

Anna Duggar has done it now. Online “entertainment” news sites are up in arms that a woman would actually express her…gasp…opinion via Twitter!

The Duggars are known for being unapologetically pro-life, and they are absurdly hated by those who rabidly defend a choice their mothers never made (ironically being alive to spew their pro-abortion nonsense).  What did Anna do that has E! Online, RadarOnline, FishWrapper, InTouchWeekly and even Mommyish and Opposing Views so riled? She retweeted a Black History Month meme that I created and posted, via The Radiance Foundation, to highlight abortion’s devastating impact in the black community.

“Human beings should be remembered not dismembered. Because of the violence of abortion, over 16 million black people are history. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter”

(Life news, feb 9th)

List of Oil and Gas Wastewater Wells Dumping into Aquifers Grows

A total of 532 injection wells are now suspected of dumping toxic wastewater left over from oil and gas extraction into protected clean water aquifer, according to California’s Water Resources control board.

(NBC, feb 5th)

The monarch massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished

Threatened animals like elephants, porpoises and lions grab all the headlines, but what’s happening to monarch butterflies is nothing short of a massacre. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service summed it up in just one grim statistic on Monday: Since 1990, about 970 million have vanished.

It happened as farmers and homeowners sprayed herbicides on milkweed plants, which serve as the butterflies’ nursery, food source and home. In an attempt to counter two decades of destruction, the Fish and Wildlife Service launched a partnership with two private conservation groups, the National Wildlife Federation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, to basically grow milkweed like crazy in the hopes of saving the monarchs.

Monarch butterflies are a keystone species that once fluttered throughout the United States by the billions. They alighted from Mexico to Canada each spring on a trek that required six generations of the insect to complete. Afterward, young monarchs about the quarter of the weight of a dime, that know nothing about the flight pattern through the United States, not to mention Mexico, fly back, resting, birthing and dining on milkweed.

The extinction of certain butterfly species is not unheard of. The blueberry-colored Xerces blue disappeared from San Francisco years ago, and recently Fish and Wildlife announced that two subspecies — the rockland skipper and Zestos in South Florida — haven’t been seen since 2004 and are probably extinct. On top of that, pesticide use has also caused a collapse of other pollinators — wasps, beetles and especially honeybees.

(washington post, feb 9th)


In responding to privacy concerns over their Smart TVs recording private conversations and sending them to a third party, Samsung admitted that voice data is “sent to a server” during the process.

Infowars first reported on the issue three months ago in November, but the story went viral over the weekend after being picked up by numerous technology websites.

The controversy stems from Samsung’s global privacy policy, which advises users to, “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.”

After an Electronic Frontier Foundation activist made a chilling comparison between the Smart TVs and telescreens in George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984, Samsung was forced to respond, telling the Guardian that users could opt out of the voice recognition feature.

However, the company did admit that if consumers gave permission for the voice recognition feature to be activated, their words would be, “sent to a server, which searches for the requested content then returns the desired content to the TV.”

(Infowars, feb 9th)

Judge Shoots Down Government’s Attempt To Gag Yahoo Indefinitely Over Grand Jury Subpoenas

California judge Paul Grewal continues to hold up his end of the “Magistrates’ Revolt.” Grewal was the magistrate who shot down the government’s open-ended request to grab every email in a person’s Gmail account and sort through them at its leisure. He was actually the second magistrate to shoot down this request.

The government went “judge shopping” after Judge John Facciola told it the scope of the request needed to be narrowed considerably before he would even think about granting it. The government decided it still wanted all the email and traveled across the country to see Judge Grewal… who told them to GTFO without even giving the feds the option to rewrite the request.

Grewal is once again siding with the public and acting as a check against government overreach.

(Tech dirt, feb 9th)

Church Asks Followers to Submit to Government, Call 911 on Suspicious Neighbors

A church hosting a law enforcement appreciation sermon asked its followers to pledge their allegiance to government this weekend, arguing that all state authorities throughout history have been ordained by God.

According to an anonymous visitor of the Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek, Washington, who provided exclusive photos to Infowars, attendees were ordered to submit to the state without question.

“They had police worship today and last week was military worship where they played clips of American Sniper…” the source said. “They were telling people to basically worship government and worship police no matter what. No mention of police brutality, no mention of the stingray systems grabbing our data…”

The church’s pastor, Dan Kellog, who is also reportedly a police chaplain, used the Romans 13 bible verse to justify his position. As noted by Infowars Paul Joseph Watson, Romans 13 has long been used by authoritarian regimes to force compliance.

Near the end of the sermon, members of the congregation were asked to raise their right hands and make a pledge, which included the promise to call 911 on “suspicious” neighbors.

(infowars, feb 9th)

U.S. GOVERNMENT______________________

Nuclear plants face EMP disaster as feds scramble for quick fix

Federal agencies that regulate nuclear power stations are rushing to address a potential threat from an electromagnetic pulse attack on the U.S. electric grid: nuclear power plant meltdowns.

The good news is that the issue and proposed fix are easy. The bad news is that there is growing concern that an EMP attack, either from a North Korean nuclear bomb or a solar storm, will occur first.

In focus are cooling pools used to store spent, but still radioactive, fuel rods used to make power. Cold water must continuously flush through or the rods can catch fire and explode, spewing killer radioactive smoke for miles.

Federal agencies believe an EMP attack would knock the power grid out for months. Most nuclear plants use diesel-powered generators for backup power to the water pumps and only store up to 17 days of fuel.

(Washington examiner, feb 9th)

Top officials at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv met in late January with one of the main progressive groups working to tip the upcoming Israeli elections against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and helped facilitate the organization’s visit to the United States this week to learn political organizing techniques.
(free beacon, feb 9th)

Clare Lopez, who served in the CIA for 20 years and is senior vice president for research and analysis at the Center for Security Policy, said the problem isn’t with working-level FBI agents, who know the jihadi threat is “nurtured” in mosques. The hindrance is from “higher-level” FBI management and the national security leadership, she insisted.

She said the FBI for too long has allowed itself “to be influenced by operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates whose objective is to neuter U.S. national security defenses.”

(WND, feb 9th)

First it mounted a laser aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf. Now the Navy has publicly unveiled another futuristic weapon: the electromagnetic “rail gun.”

In development for years, the weapon would be able to fire a projectile at Mach 7, or seven times the speed of sound, hitting targets 110 miles away. (By comparison, a Hellfire missile travels a little over Mach 1.)

Instead of gunpowder as a propellant, it uses electromagnetic pulses, and the projectiles hit with such overwhelming force that they don’t need to be armed with explosives. The impact from traveling at such amazing speeds is enough, thank you very much. Lasers sizzle rather than go boom, as some have said. The rail gun definitely has one heck of a boom.

The gun made its debut at the Navy’s Future Force Science and Technology Expo at the Washington Convention Center this week.

(washington post, feb 6th)

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